Thursday, March 18, 2010

floral fantasy

my tea cup & saucer, and bedside water cup

i love that the floral patterns on the pillow don't match the covers or the under sheet. i'm no traitor i love my floral bedcovers just as much.
wall paper in the bathroom, if only i had an en suite or even cooler just a basin in my room with the wallpaper behind it and a pretty mirror to go with it just above the wash basin.

i love floral wall paper, cant wait to get home from south america and start fresh decorating my room. a feature wall of floral wall paper.

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garrick said...

Fantastic blog!
I see we've got similar taste in (iggy) pop, photography and paisley... heh.

you might enjoy these: - great photography / urban life blog - obscure subculture/art (but less 'vice magazine')