Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"i hope you get where your going, and be happy when you do" - on the road

the shop i stumbled on,
full of everything vintage,
and all things eclectic and collectable.
including this "kewpie" doll i bought.

i left my car at my best friends on saturday night and i've had to walk, get buses and catch trains for the last three days and i have met more people than i would in a few weeks, and seen more detail in the places i have passed in a car everyday. i stumbled on a yoga class that miranda and i are now going to next week, i met a girl walking on my way from mosman to manly, and a boy having a cigarette on his front step, and i have found two op shops and a cute new cafe that i have never noticed before. i found myself smiling the biggest grin yesterday whilst i roamed around on foot, and it seriously has given me so much thinking time, reading time, and the fresh air has fed me many an idea for my designs.

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