Friday, March 26, 2010

henny penny the sky is falling

i have been having trouble sleeping lately and for a while i was freaking out and coming up with all of these mental illness's. i have been sharing these emotions and feelings with miranda and she seems to get them too. its now gotten to the point where everything and or anything that we may decide to do, say, taste, think about, whatever, we immediately kick into hypochondriac mode. miranda said the funniest thing to me today:
"i dont think vodka is good for me
it makes me see things in a way i know isnt true"

sometimes i think how good it would be to go back to being a child and feeling so normal again, having a perfect chemical balance and to be blissfully unaware. how can we be more lost than when we started? when we were so unexperienced? it seems as though life itself is a forest of experiences, and we endeavor on this journey only to get lost trying to find ourselves.

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