Tuesday, July 6, 2010

frocky horror show

lauren hutton said when she grew up she wanted to be "a wise woman". when i read this it made me feel free, to do all the things i wish to do and grow, to be the person that is dying to live a life without imaginary boundaries.

i am 20 years old with passion & creativity
i don't want to be a poet, but i will write poetry
i will not claim to be a photographer but let me take collections of photos
i do not want to be a model but i will enjoy expressing myself through clothing
i am no translator but let me be fluent in english, spanish, japanese & human dynamics
i am not asking you to listen but i will sing & learn to play guitar
but one day i will flourish in the art of interior design, and you may call me an interior designer.


nina + seraina said...

loooove yoooou poly poooooo

liv said...

love your blog!
it's filled with tones of inspo + beauty. blog perfection.

x x x x liv