Friday, July 2, 2010

essence cannot be measured in time

time is an 'illusion' but without it we can't see change, and without change we cant depict the good times and the bad. both which are our reasons for living no?

today was a day that chose an incredible change in my path, whilst others make their inevitable opinions on my direction & question my approach, predicting the outcome of each next persons choice - its only fair to say that each one of those people choose their life direction just as i do mine, and if it were me in their position then their outcome would not be theirs it shall be mine?

ultimately if you make a decision based on what others think you should do, then you will lead a life that reeks odors that are not your own. time is an illusion, it is not about how long you are here but how much of that "time" you spent being you, and making decisions you based upon your collectivism, your findings and your knowledge gained - the essence that is you.

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