Saturday, May 1, 2010


i cleared out one of the goat sheds at my farm and painted the floorboards white and decked it out with armchairs and a dining table. the hideout is only embryonic at the moment but ive started using it as my workroom for reupholstering, decorating and making all my projects.


nina + seraina said...

polpolpol it looks so so good! i want to come visit? are you there now? for hooww long?

Paloma grace said...

im down here for the next few weeks, so nice getting up and going for a walk looking for things to use from nature and ive got so many projects ive set myself already. the op shops in the towns are so bazaar you would be in heaven. the hideout is beautiful to sit in and create stuff, listening to music in here now with my yum mint candle that i made the other day. the fresh air makes you crazy come be weird-minded with me x

dan said...

cute :)